Children tales

French, 2019

A story about a weasel fond of Bou, her stuffed animal owl.



English, 2019

French : Le petit sapin ébouriffé, 2018

A tale about an own family seeking for hospitality and generosity in the forest.

Illustrated by Cécile Metzger

Cécile is a self-taught illustrator living in France. Blog :  Coucou_illustration

Bilingual French/ English 2018

Rabbit likes to hang out in is hole, he is quite lazy and often late. Be careful Rabbit or you're going to get into trouble. 


Illustrated by Félicité Parisot, a graphic designer living in Bordeaux, France. sylvestres&fariboles

Caroline Perry

Caroline Perry is a French author living in Brooklyn. After a PhD in comparative litterature at La Sorbonne University in Paris, she dedicated herself to fiction and is showing her work through Rue Leontine. 


Short stories :

Vertige, Enquête à Montrésor, éditions Hugues de Chivré, 2016

Circé, Scandale à Montrésor, éditions Hugues de Chivré, 2018

Children :

OOOh La la, Rue Leontine, 2018. Bilingual french-english

Le petit Sapin ébouriffé, Rue Leontine, 2018

Bou, Rue Leontine, 2019

The prickly little pine tree, Rue Leontine, 2019

Theory :

« Quelques familles aristocratiques polonaises en

France au XIXème siècle », Pologne et Polonais en

temps de Frédéric Chopin et George Sand, catalogue

d’exposition, Châteauroux, 2010

Ponce Pilate, La Bible dans les littératures du monde,

dir. Sylvie Parizet, Cerf, 2016

Copyright © Caroline Perry – Tous droits réservés

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